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We would offer to you potato flakes from potato season 2008-2009 for fast-food products (only from potato season 2009), for second dishes, pellets, chips, semi-finished products.


Prices of potato flakes

a)      for fast-food products:

-        from row material season 2009 – _____ €/kg

б)   for pellets, chips, precooked foods and second dishes from potato:

-        from row material season 2008 – _____ €/kg

-        from row material season 2009 – _____ €/kg

All prices for the goods are stated in Euro/kg incl. amount of VAT 18%. These prices are the storehouse prices in Pogar.



a) four-layer paper bags with a polyethylene layer stacked on the pallet with a paper covered with water-repellent agent, net weight - 18, 20, 25 kg.

б)  vacuum packaging in a plastic black bag with the gas environment with a polyethylene sealed layer, net weight - 25 kg.


Transport documents

-          Code Certificate of Technical Specification

-          Protocol of sanitary and healthcare inspection

-          Certificate of quality

-          Product specification



-          Expedition of goods will be perform in a 40-foot container with the customs processing of documents on the custom in Pogar to the destination point through the seaport St. Petersburg, CIF PORT ___________.

-          Shipment cost of the one 40-foot container to CIF __________ is 3700 - 5000 euro.


Payment terms

100% prepayment by bank transfer in Euro to the current account.



1.      Set of documents (Transport documents)


Dry potato puree

Technical Specification 9166-001-14339222-2008


Net weight 20 kg

Product composition: row potato, emulsifier E 471, stabilizer E 450, citric acid E 330, food additive E 223.

Nutrition value 100 g product: protein – 5,6g, fat – 0,2 g, carbohydrates - 79,1 g.

Energy value 100 g product – 341 kcal.


Production date


Packing date


Number of shift



Storage conditions: temperature not more than 20 C°, relative humidity of 75%.

Shelf life: 3 years.


Preparation method:

In the hot water with the temperature 75C° put the dry potato puree (5:1), to mix and to close a cover. In 4-5 min. the product is ready to eat. Recommendation: to put in the hot water 1% of salt, butter, roast onion and other components.

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