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General information


The MFG company is a pioneer of the instant food market (noodles, pasta, broths, mashed potatoes). The company was founded in 1991 and now  MFG is one of the leaders in the sphere of instant noodles and pasta production in Russia. The MFG products have found their consumers not only in various regions in Russia from St. Petersburg to Kamchatka, but also in such countries as Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan, where the company has established cooperation with most dynamic and advanced companies.

The product

The main principle of the company to manufacture the product of the highest quality. Everything what is manufactured in Russia can and must correspond to the highest world standards.

A known fact we have the most up-to-date and ecologically safe factory not only among Russian but also among similar enterprises of France and China (evaluation by the acknowledged world authorities of pasta business). Why is it like that? It is very simple: for example, we are unique manufacturers in Russia who, as opposed to the Vietnamese having factories in our country, use only indirect "careful" warming up of oil for roasting, what excludes formation of carcinogens. We also apply many other advanced technical solutions.

We make fast food tasty, and tasty food quick in cooking! Interviews show that the buyers consider the quality of the products under the MFG brand as next-higher order in comparison with the analogues, and the noodles and pasta themselves as good and safe products meant for people at large. An this is regular: MFG noodles and pasta are manufactured on the basis of only high grade flour, and, as is known, the flour is the main component of any type of pasta. It would be useful to note that our product is manufactured taking into account the Russian cuisine traditions according to the MFG company’s own technology.

The company is constantly working on renewal and enlargement of products’ assortment. Its package and design are being perfected. At the present time a new direction is fast developing manufacture of instant mashed potatoes in various types of package.


The MFG company enters the triplet of national market leaders in the field of instant noodles and pasta production, as of the year 2005, and dominates more than 16% of the Russian market by manufacturing on the average about 1 million of packs of product per day.

Advanced distribution network is one of the key achievements of the company. At the present moment we can freely speak about a growing exportation potential of the MFG brand products. The Baltics, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Europe have already appreciated them.

The established relations with the suppliers may also be related to the competitive advantages of the MFG company. Partnership with leading companies enables the company to ensure a stable high quality of the raw and packaging materials.


Quality and safety of the products are the inviolable principle of the company’s work which is confirmed by a stable consumer demand.

Transparency of business. The company leads open trade policy, its business is transparent both for competitors and partners and for the bodies of state authority. MFG continues to invest the earned capital to the development and expansion of its production on the territory of Russia. Orientation on the result, professionalism and sense of purpose among all employees of the company enable the company to look into the future with optimism and confidence.

Russian capital. Establishment and development of the company take place only with participation of the Russian capital.

Social commitment. MFG renders gratuitous assistance to various organizations: orphanages, homes for disabled, blind persons’ and deaf persons’ associations, veteran societies and others. A church in the Moscow region is built completely with our funds. The management of the company considers this activity obligatory for itself.

MANHATTEN FINANCIAL GROUP LTD is the largest potato puree (potato flakes) producer in Russia. Our potato flakes are produced on modern European equipment fitted up 2008 using advanced manufacturing sciences for the wide assortment and the good quality.

We would offer to you potato flakes from potato season 2008-2009 for fast-food products (only from potato season 2009), for second dishes, pellets, chips, semi-finished products.


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